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QST Director


QST is serving the families of Northern Colorado (e.g. Greeley, Evans, Eaton, LaSalle, Loveland, and Ft. Collins) and, as a non profit, is more than filling the void left by other tutorial organizations. Our Mission at QST is very simple – the success of our students. We work hard to help them gain success in their present school environment. We know that success breeds success in school and in life. It is one of our most important beliefs and guides our organization and our efforts.

I encourage you to contact us for a private interview and let us help you map out a program for the benefit of your child(ren). You will never regret it!

Joanne Cook-Lepetit


Virtually every new student enters the educational sphere eager to learn. It is our purpose to keep this urge to learn alive in every child/student served by QST. We believe that all our students can succeed, that their successes encourage them to continue in a pattern of success, and that it is our responsibility to provide the conditions for success. These conditions include, 1) ensure developing clear statements in measurable terms of what the student will do to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of learning, 2) provide the time and resources needed for each student to succeed at an A or B level, 3) ensuring that students engage in learning at a level which is challenging, and yet a level for which each student has the prerequisite skills necessary for success.

We provide instruction that is engaging, direct, and creative in nature. We believe that this can only be accomplished through positive student to teacher relationships which breed mutual respect. Therefore, we hire only the most proficient instructors, trained in the Mission, Philosophy, and effective pedagogical techniques which will bring about the best possible results.


It is the mission of QST (Quality Student Tutoring/Teaching) to help all students under its tutelage to build positive self-esteem and academic confidence by succeeding at an A or B level, either within a home school program, at the regular school location, or any other educational venue.